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Recent Charts Features

  • Synchronized Exploring Ability to have multiple charts of the same ticker all change when exploring in a list. Includes real-time, daily, weekly, monthly.
  • Delete all attributes in Chart Ability to have all attributes for a chart be deleted dynamically while charts are open (no ticker reopen required).
  • Create a spread between 2 tickers end of day.
  • New Print Features - Screen Print and Screen Print (Fit to Page)
  • New Chart Preferences item to left or right justify the title text in the chart
  • Get a whole new view with AIQ Charts by decreasing spacing to the minimum.
  • Monthly chart now available.
  • Save your charts layout so that next time on entering charts the same charts appear.
  • Comparison charts compare multiple charts of any ticker in a percentage change format.
  • Overlaying price history from the past on a current chart

    Create a spread between 2 tickers

    Recent Expert Design Studio Features

  • New Indicator Fields For all indicators that incorporate support lines, support line fields have been added. For example, two new fields are available for MF RSI: [MF RSI Lower Support Line] and [MF RSI Upper Support Line].
  • New Built-in Function - Trendline Breakout().

    Breadth Analyzer
  • Breadth Analyzer A special new ticker type named Breadth has been added to version 8.1 of TradingExpert Pro. Want to find out the percentage of the S & P 500 stocks at a new 52 week high AND display this as an indicator over the last 5 years? That's where Breadth Analyzer comes in. You can analyze any basket of tickers for almost any rule and display the results. Breadth tickers can be charted and or be incorporated into other screening rules. One huge benefit with this tool is the ability to create powerful and unique market timing tools.
  • Recent Portfolio Manager Features

  • Portfolio Asset Allocation Pie Charts based on cost and value.
  • New Performance Analysis, including up to 5 benchmarks.
  • New Risk Analysis with Annualized IRR, Sigma, Sharpe Ratio, Treynor Ratio, Alpha, Beta and R-Squared on up to 5 benchmarks.
  • Test a short strategy in portfolio simulator.
  • Test an historical real time data strategy in portfolio simulator.
  • Performance Report (Monthly) – Shows the portfolio performance in terms of money flow, internal rate of return against (up to 5) benchmarks, and risk analysis for four different time periods (this month, last month, year to date, inception to date).
  • Portfolio simulation offers the option of using prior pass 1 results. Capitalization strategies can be changed to try different options.
  • Six Secrets to Successful Trading

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    • Repeatable
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